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*If anything below is unclear email me at rpmrshallart @ gmail dot com. 
* The 1959 Go-Go White Sox are sold out.

How to read the availability of stirrups(click "availability" to see stock):
*If an item is listed as "sold out" in white text with no price, the item is completely sold out.
*If the item is listed as "sold out" in red text with a green price i might have one pair, but it is not certain, please ask first.
*If the stirrup is listed as "stock<5" there are less then 5 available. "stock>5" means there are more then 5 available pairs.
*if the item is listed in gold text in the "à la carte" section it is being offered as "new", so a discount applies.

Stirrup ordering instructions:
1) You want stirrups, be they "new selections" or "à la carte", there is no minimum order, and you may mix and match in any way you choose. 

2) You pay on to the email address You do this under the "send money" tab, then click "send money online", it is very easy from there. Sorry, there is no other way to pay. Along with letting me know your particular stirrup choices, you must must must include your shipping address somewhere in the notes every time, not in a separate email.

3) How much do they cost?
 $20 per pair(includes S&H), and will be shipped every Wednesday.

Stirrups have 5" openings in virtually all cases unless stated. Stirrups are always Twin City Knitting MB700 4~ply adult large pro weight.

5) Need sanitary socks("sanis")? one size fits all for $8(includes&H). plenty in stock.

6) Contact me about international shipping rates.

Would you like to outfit your team??
As a licensed TCK dealer, I have the ability to order anything TCK has to offer, feel free to contact me with any questions, but costs are significantly lower then a la carte selections with regards to stirrups.


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Bobble information:
*Bobbles are hand-cast hand-painted one of a kind sculptures with
any paint job possible, and nobody needs that.
*Available for football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer.